“With eagle-eye precision and brutal honesty, Susannah Cahalan turns her journalistic gaze on herself as she bravely looks back on one of the most harrowing and unimaginable experiences one could ever face: the loss of mind, body and self. Brain on Fire is a mesmerizing story of a promising young writer’s rapid descent into madness, due to a mysterious and debilitating disease. But thanks to a dedicated doctor and the undying love and devotion of her family and boyfriend, she returns to the world she left behind wiser, stronger, and very much alive.”

MIRA BARTOK, author of The Memory Palace, winner of the 2011 National Book Critics Circle Award

Brain on Fire is a swift, engrossing read and, unquestionably, an important book on both a human and a medical level. Cahalan’s elegantly-written memoir of her dramatic descent into madness opens up discussion of the cutting-edge neuroscience behind a disease that may affect thousands of people around the world, and it offers powerful insight into the subjective workings of our minds.”

DR. MEHMET OZ, M.D., Professor and Vice Chair, Department of Surgery, New York-Presbyterian / Columbia University Medical Center and host of The Dr. Oz Show

“Susannah Cahalan takes us through her difficult, frightening personal medical journey with wisdom and grace, and as readers we benefit immensely from her intelligent reflections on her experience. Brain on Fire reads like a scientific thriller, but with a profound and moving philosophy at its heart.”

DAVID B. AGUS, M.D., Professor of Medicine and Engineering, University of Southern California, and author of The End of Illness

“Susannah Cahalan describes in chilling detail her descent into an inexplicable madness. So vivid and honest is Cahalan’s portrayal that the reader is drawn inexorably into her world as it disintegrates until she loses her very self emotionally, physically, and mentally. . . It is a story of everyday heroes—her family, friends, and the determined doctors who steadfastly fought for her . . . Bravo to Ms. Cahalan who has been to hell and back and chronicles her journey so poignantly that we all may benefit.”

BARBARA ARROWSMITH YOUNG, Director of Arrowsmith School and Arrowsmith Program, and author of The Woman Who Changed Her Brain

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