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“I love Brain on Fire and Susannah herself so much—thank you so much for publishing this book! I’m really looking forward to handselling this book to my customers this holiday season—I’m going to feature it prominently in our holiday displays. We have so many memoir-lovers and medical professionals who visit our store that I know that book will be the perfect handsell.”

DANIELLE DUBOIS DIMOND, Brazos Bookstore, Houston, TX

“Brain on Fire captivated me from beginning to end…I’ll be shocked if this doesn’t land on the NYT bestseller list!”

PATRICK MAGUIRE, Books-a-Million, Vineland, NJ

“What an amazing story! And how scary. I am so glad to have been made aware of this often-misdiagnosed condition, and plan to recommend this book to many. I’m so glad Ms. Cahalan has put her story out there the general public.”

TORI BARNES, Bookseller (Barnes & Noble Inc.)

“At 24, Susannah Cahalan was betrayed by her body. Memory loss and hallucinations were only a precursor to a complete neurological breakdown—Cahalan was losing her mind. In fact, one of the most stupendous points of Brain on Fire is that Cahalan herself has had to rely on other eyewitness accounts to tell her own story; this condition robbed her of knowledge of the ordeal. There are fragments of memory, but nothing concrete and reliable. It’s as if she was reporting about a stranger, and that stranger was herself. The writing is honest and beautiful; this is truly a must read.”

JASON KENNEDY, Boswell Book Company, Milwaukee, WI

“I just finished reading Brain on Fire. I couldn’t put it down. What a story of survival. Miss Cahalan does a marvelous job of drawing the reader into her horrendous experience. It makes me feel extremely grateful for the health that I enjoy. A unique look at one person’s experience in losing her sense of self. This is a powerful story. I am having a book club event in September and will certainly recommend this book.”

STEPHANIE CROWE, Page and Palette, Fairhope, AL

“Brain on Fire was incredible, creepy, sad, smart, well-written, and just plain an amazing read!!! Book club will devour this one. Thanks so much for recommending it. I started Saturday and finished it on Sunday…you just can’t put it down!”

TATIANA NICOLI, Boulevard Books, Brooklyn, NY

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