I always knew I wanted to write, even when I was in elementary school, writing a “book” about familial dysfunction inspired by the afternoons I spent with my babysitter watching The Bold and the Beautiful. And for as long back as I can remember, I’ve had a deep love for newspapers. So when there was an internship opening at the New York Post when I was entering my senior year in high school, I jumped at the opportunity.

I’ve now been at The Post for ten years, three of which I worked full-time after graduating from Washington University in St. Louis. I started as a “copy kid”—responsible for making coffee, handing out papers and sorting mail, dreaming that I would one day have a mailbox of my own. Now, I finally do. I’ve covered a wide variety of topics for the tabloid, from the quirky and the weird, to the dangerous and the criminal. These days I mainly cover books for the paper’s Postscript section. My work has also been featured in The New York Times and The Czech Business Weekly, where I worked when I studied abroad my junior year of college.

In 2009, I was the proud recipient of the Silurian Award of Excellence for the article “My Mysterious Lost Month of Madness,” on which Brain on Fire is based.

I live in Jersey City with my boyfriend and dog, Gus the Spinone.

Thanks so much for your interest in my story!

Susannah Cahalan
Susannah Cahalan

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